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My go-to Brush Pens

Brush pen calligraphers, especially the American ones love the Tombow Brush Pen. It is a pen with two tips, fine small tip for drawing precise lines; wide brush tip for brush lettering and colouring. Fine tip can be used for drawing fine lines. Water based so colours are blendable and used as watercolours. The tip is long and flexible, which means that you can create some very dramatic thick and thin strokes with this pen

Tombow was my first brush pen to try, however I don't personally love it too much. The tip can be intimidatingly flexible for beginners!

I have been using Zig (Kuretake) Fudebiyori ever since I found it! This is probably my current second favorite brush pen — my favorite one is coming up soon. The fairly hard tip of the Fudebiyori is quite easy to control, without a lot of fuss and makes for easier upstroke/downstroke transitions!

My favorite goes to the same brand as above but with dual tips!!! The Kuretake Zig Brushables are designed as one tip lays down the fully pigmented color of the pen whilst the opposing tip delivers a 50% tint of the same color. It uses acid-free pigment ink which is archival quality and waterproof.

Every Brushables has a flexible felt tip with strong elasticity, which is great for brush lettering. This special two-toned brush pen is even great for brush layering techniques and for creating two-toned blending effects. Just simply use Brushables to blend with any other colors from the dual tip Memory System markers for card making, scrap booking, and coloring books. And the above is what I have done for my brush lettering workshop's students.

And my favourite small brush pen goes to Pentel Fude Touch Sign brush pen

Each Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen features a flexible felt tip that offers good control while drawing to give lines of various width. The water-based dye ink flows smoothly. You can easily create some beautiful and colorful calligraphy and drawings with them.This series contains 12 different colors : Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Violet, Yellow, and Yellow Ochre. These pens are ideal for both painting and brush lettering.

Although there are brush pens that are better than others, there is not a particular brush pen that will magically improve your skills overnight.

Calligraphy is a complex form of art that requires years of practice in order to master it. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too much about the future or comparing yourself with other more experienced calligraphers. 

Embrace who you are and where you are at this very moment with your skills. 

Enjoy the process and practice on a daily basis – i GUARANTEE that you will notice progress. Practice makes perfect!

My online store for all brush pens:

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