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August Recap

This month started the awesomeness from being featured on Style Magazine, super excited because i didn't get informed beforehand I just accidentally found out when I was randomly reading on Facebook. If you haven't read it already, here it is "9 Brisbane Workshops To Check Out If You Want To Learn A New Skill"

Another private lesson session started! Totally better suit those who wants to learn lettering/ modern calligraphy within their busy schedule or with a different purpose then my monthly workshop. So far I have been teaching to write on chalk board, bullet journal and some fun time in bridal shower party.

12Aug A sold out workshop

I was thrilled to see all of you!!! I still get butterflies holding workshops, and I love this feeling. When I was preparing the calligraphy kit for the workshop, writing the names of yours, all my memories come back from texting with some of you earlier, been wanting to attend from early of the year and finally made it happen (cause our lives are busy and sometime my date just wont' work with yours....etc) but yohooo FINALLY we met! And one of you is actually my #pixiedustcalligraphygiveaway winner! I love the story of how we met, and I love to build more with you guys!

For the calligraphy kit, I still keep my kit box, cause it feels like Christmas to me opening a box full of goodies and I hope you feel the same too! I have updated it with @luis.creations oblique pen and Rhodia notebook (the smoothest paper you can write on, dreamy)!

More of my little memory lane for my previous workshops here.


Did a little something for the community with Hands on Art and Bardon Art Market

Was invited by Hands on Art for a special art market, that full of fun for the whole family with kids activities, raffles, live painting and art sales from local artists. And the profit goes to support great charities including Breast Friends and Queensland child protection. Was so happy to write on a wall saying "every child is an artist" and indeed we all are =)

And this month I joined the tribe of Love Notes Australia, so hopefully more of the brides-to-bed able to find me easier through them for any wedding stationery, on-the-day stationery and anything that comes into your mind really. Always love making magic with brides since is the magical day of yours! Let me be a small part of it =)

Out of my expectations, I was mentioned in the Postmans knock blog regarding calligraphy supplies in Australia!!! Yes I do have an online store selling calligraphy supplies aim to bring everything to Australia at a cheaper price, let me know if there is any products that interests you, I can try to bring it in at a better price =)

Mentioned in last month recap, been waited for a month, finally got all the pretty style pics from Yvonne Law Photography featuring my agate place cards, vellum place cards and addressed envelopes, head to my portfolio to check them all out.

So there was one night I randomly watching Instagram story and came across @Tess.Alexander (MIss Australia 2015) and saw my work is sitting three at the hotel coffee table and waiting for her! Is actually a little wine box with a cup "start with this" drawer, and then a little bottle of wine in "top with this" drawer..... I was screaming inside out!! you know is kind of so close but so far! And I would have no idea where my product is going to go to! But the universe is giving me a chance to see that!!!

And below was the last time I saw it before I sent them out =) Memories fly back!

So looking back, this month is a fruitful one! And I am so glad about it! Let's see what brings me next month. Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x

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