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May Recap

I can't believe life has been so full on I didn't update anything for over 6 months. I am loving every projects and everything happened in this past months, and hopefully I will go back and write the recap for those months, cause I don't want to forget my journey.

So May 2019 has been a really good one for me.

SABA onsite-calligraphy

Start off with brand activation with SABA in the CBD store as well as the James Street store. Pointed pen calligraphy on their leather notepad, the notepad itself is so luxury and so smooth.

Lululemon onsite-calligraphy

And with an early Mother's Day brand activation with Lululemon at the James street store, lettering on their really cool hot/cold bottles when customer purchased.

Sunshine Plaza onsite-calligraphy

On the Mother's day weekend I was at Sunshine Plaza, helping customers to send special messages to their mums! Super mums! Did I mention I also got the chance to design the wrapping paper for the shopping center. It was so surreal when I saw my design alive.

Workshops at Etsy Winter Market

Last Christmas was my very first time holding a market stall at Brisbane Etsy Made local, and this year is my very first time to hold hand lettering and calligraphy workshops for adults and tweens at the market!

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Held my monthly modern calligraphy 101 workshop with Work-shop Brisbane in Newstead. And such a great class I had, they started to introduce themselves to one another before the workshop starts. And so many giggles all the way through, I surely had such a great time spending with the group.

Any upcoming workshops can be found here.

Got featured on Mr Theodore

Brian & Freddy got married in Customs House, and I got the privilege to letter for them for their lovely friends and families who flew in from interstate and overseas. More of their love story here.

Sunshine Plaza On-site hand lettering Autumn Winter Sales Event

So fun to be able to be on-site lettering with whatever customers come up, their quote, their names, their business names, their favorite pop stars (which I have no idea...oops)

Queensland Small Business Week

Nope, not me participating in it, but am honored to be letting for the small business that's taking part in it! I hope to receive more photos from the event!!!

That's about it for my month! As usual, I am looking forward to have a better month coming up!

Charlotte x

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