What the kit will include…

  • A silicon mould (square or round).

  • All the ingredients to create your own chips and bases.

  • An instruction guide.


You will be able to choose your set pigments for your kits. Your kits will always contain White and Black pigments.

In the kit, you will be using a material that is solvent-free and has no VOC's so it is environmentally friendly.

The instructions guide will help you mix the materials and how to cast it into moulds. But what will make it individual to you is you get to play and experiment with many different colour flecks to give your coasters that look of Terrazzo and make your design special to you.


Color Options are:

  • Natural - Green, Brick, Yellow (Black & White Included)

  • Yummy - Blue, Red, Yellow (Black & White Included)

Terrazzo Kit