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[ Dimensions + Pricing ]
Natural placecards written in gold or white acrylic ink on agate slices. Agate slices will vary in shape and size, ranging from 2.5"-3.5". This size is perfect for first names written in script and a last name in block letters.

PRICING is per piece of agate, and includes:
❤ hand calligraphy of name (first name only/ first and last name) 
❤ (white, gold or silver) calligraphy ink color of your choice 
Discount available for bulk orders. 
Note: Due to the natural grains and shades of the agate, each may vary slightly.

[ Color Choices ]
The agate color choices include pink, blue, grey/black, natural (brown/tan), and green. An easy way to see the different color options is through my Instagram

Green Agate Place Card


Bulk discount

Ink Colors
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