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This high-quality opaque watercolor is made with mica, a natural mineral that gives the paint a lustrous sheen. Use it to add highlights and special effects to your art or to create striking calligraphy. Use it on its own or mount it in one of the palettes listed under Compatible Products.



  • Water-soluble and mixable with other watercolors.
  • Opaque and shows up well on light and dark papers.
  • Lightfast.
  • Nontoxic in accordance with ASTM and CE standards.
  • Usable with brushes and water brushes. It is also usable with pointed and broad-edged dip pens when diluted and applied to the nib with a wet brush.
  • Formerly branded as "Finetec," Coliro Watercolors are handmade in Germany by the original Finetec manufacturer, Finetec GmbH.

Finetec (Coliro) Refill

Color: Arabic Gold
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