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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

You know you’re obsessed with something when your Pinterest algorithm takes note and it’s all over your feed. I probably only became conscious of all the bold colour combinations on Instagram last year, but it’s the kind of surface design that’s always been around. I can see them in airport floors, schools and trendy cafés and fancy kitchens... To add a little context, terrazzo dates back as early as ancient Egypt and is probably the queen of comebacks.  It all came about when 15th-century Italian construction workers realised that it was cheaper to mix marble chips with concrete than lay down mosaics.  The name literally means ‘terrace’ and it’s seen as quite a traditional floor surface in Venice.

It’s the kind of trend that’s not absolutely everywhere yet and I’m hoping to bring this to Brisbane and to Australia (hit me up if you want me to host a workshop at your state, or you have a studio space I can come and teach workshops).

The first Terrazzo Coaster workshop will be in Feb 2020. Click below link to learn more.


See you soon.

Charlotte x

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