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June Recap

If you are interested in what's on my plate last month, keep reading =)

The daily edited

The daily edited clutches with my lettering!!! What?! I have never imagined I will be contacted by Tde!!! Is like I have stalked them enough!!! So so so happy to be able to see my work with them, the only sad thing is I never get to see these babes before they goes to a new home.

Bridal Shower of the year

Sapphiroula is one of the hotties that based in BRISBANE !! What??? seriously not too many out here! Her bridal shower has blown me away! I am so grateful to be a part of this!

Daily Mail

And on the very next day the agate place cards was on Daily Mail!!! This has MADE MY DAY!!!

Very First Order to AUSTRIA

Seriously!!!! I was all over the moon when I knew that I got an order from AUSTRIA !!! You have to know that's 14,207 km from where I am, that's halfway around the world!!! The couple is getting married in this month, and they want some pink agate slices as place card in their wedding, of course I have already sent them all out (well, you can't trust any courier, especially it takes so long to deliver, and who knows what can happen) Anyway, they are all safe and sound waiting to show up in their wedding!! And I can't wait to see all the pretty pictures sending back to me, and hearing that all the guests love them.

Sold out workshop

Another great day I had was knowing my modern calligraphy 101 workshop held in work-shop Brisbane has been sold out!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I enjoyed sharing the love of modern calligraphy with all of you! And what's better is I heard that some of you are going to my other workshop, which is brush lettering with embossing, on 22nd of July! Can't wait to see you again!


Did two giveaways for the month and get to know some of you more personally, which is something out of my expectations and I am happy about. I will keep doing giveaways, so keep an eye on my Instagram!

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