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July Recap

This month hasn't been as smooth as I thought.

I was thinking if I should be posting the bad vibes up here, but then I thought this actually is a real business and it has to has its ups and downs and this is what makes us better and stronger.

So ups first!

Finished a session of private classes, and at the last class we did a little project for my student's friend who is going to have a baby boy, and she wants to write him three quotes to put in his baby room. I am definitely so proud of the outcome!

Another corporate brush lettering workshop has been done with one of my favorites hotel - the Ovolo Inchcolm. I had fun teaching the team, is such a cool idea to have different departments personnel sit down and do something fun.

Lettering on wine boxes, this is like a dream come true to me, writing on non-paper material and having the freedom to design and lettering on.

So the down part:

Just like any other months, I should have a lettering workshop being held at work-shop Brisbane. Unfortunately, with not enough of participants, we have to postponed this month's workshop to the next one. I felt extremely bad after that, knowing one of them really wanted to learn from the early beginning of the year and finally the date suits her and everything....

But by the end of the month, I got several things to cheer me up with:

a baby's birthday party and I gotta made my first cake topper !!!!

Got some style shoots photos from Yvonne Law Photography featuring my agate place cards, and looking forward to getting some more next month. But seriously, she made them prettier.

And last but not least, my place cards got to be at Beginning Boutique x Lily Brown Launch Party at PawPaw cafe just yesterday night. Can't wait to get some pics back from the party.

So here, I hope next month is going to be an awesome one!

Charlotte x

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