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Escort/ Place card ideas

Your guests have sat through the ceremony and arrived at the reception. Now, where do they sit? It's amazing to see how escort card displays have evolved over the years and the creative things couples are swapping out for simple stationary.  Traditionally, classic seating cards are pieces of paper with names and table assignments on them but you certainly don't have to follow tradition these days. If you're one of those brides who wants to think outside the box you'll want to keep on reading and consider anything from marble tiles to agate slices.

My favorite goes to Agate place cards

If you have been following my instagram for awhile, I am obsessed with them.

I love it when I can letter on unique and different mediums. And guests love taking them home as a keepsake!

Another one guests loving is the Acrylic Place Card, simple and elegant.

Having a your wedding by the sea, aren't these sea glass place cards perfect for the occasion?!

Recently I have a special project made using watercolor, and I love love love the outcome, perfect for , the watercolor leaves

Paper goods is always a good idea with a customised ink color.

Or adding a little something special, like a wax seal or a ribbon color that matches your wedding theme.

CUSTOM ORDERS Don’t see exactly the right piece? We are happy to create custom orders for your wedding or event! Just send us an email and we would be happy to talk further =)

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