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Calligraphy #101 prepare your nibs

Updated: Dec 1, 2017

When beginning to practice modern calligraphy, you will find there is a lot of pointed nibs that you can experiment with (the name is gently etched into the nib's shank, so look very closely!). Everyone starts loving the Nikko G nib as it is sturdy, flexible and reliable. Before you start practising, it is really important to prepare your nib, otherwise you may find it difficult to write with as it will not hold ink very well. This is because new nibs have an oily coating on them which prevents them from rusting or sticking together, and you'll need to remove this before you start using your nib.

There are several ways to do:

-The easiest way, rub it with facial paper with a little of water for a good minute (don't try to be lazy, or you will just have to re-rub it). I do this in my workshop, cause is the most convenient one for workshop conditions!

- Try soaking your nib in some hot water with a little drop of washing-up liquid for a few minutes, this should combat the oily coating. Drying the nib with some kitchen towel will help work off the residue, and you could even try a toothbrush for a more thorough scrub ( I think is too rough, but you can try)!

- You can also try passing the writing end of your nib quickly through a flame (from a match or a lighter) - be careful though, and don't let the nib get too hot!

- You could try preparing your new nib by sticking it into the flesh of a potato for ten minutes or so! I have tried putting my nib in overnight, and it rusted.

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